The first Sheene Run in memory of Barry Sheene, (11 September 1950 - 10 March 2003) the British World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer, took place in 2003 and then again in 2005. Tens of thousands of Barry Sheene fans and fellow motorcyclists flocking from far and wide to Rugby, Warwickshire, to remember Barry and even see some of his race bikes in action.

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The domain name '' was used to publicise this event on a global scale and for some years was used by the organisers for this purpose and to further raise funds for the various charities nominated during the two Sheene Run events.

After this period fell into disuse and was allowed to expire. After a period of several years passing through the hands of various domain name resellers looking to profit from the successes of '' these parties thankfully finally gave up and the domain became available once more. has now been rescued and is back in private hands once more. With the 10th anniversary of the passing of Barry Sheene approaching in 2013, the timing could not have been better!

UPDATE: As of February 2013 another 'Sheene Run' has been planned, for early 2013 in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance. You can visit their website at

The author, Dave Taylor, was present as an Official at The Sheene Run in 2003, providing communications support via RAYNET.

Contact is invited in the event that further such Barry Sheene memorial functions take place in the future. In such a case '' can be once more made available for such purposes. A website can also be hosted if needed, just ask!

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